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Mad as a Hatter
[pops to life--some doors are being closed and possibly locked--]

I haven't an inkling what today might all be about--but--Salutations to all, formally, I suppose..eh...

Only--one small, light and utterly humble request of our--current apparently temporary...residents--

...please--would you refrain from and restrain yourselves in taking my hats...? More specifically and entirely mine.

Thank you, fifty and a thousand times--I wouldn't be adverse to selling them, you know.
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Mad as a Hatter
16 November 2010 @ 07:23 pm

[--there's a precious collie mix puppy on screen, positioned on the floor in front of the fridge in the Cafe part of Tarrant's shop--he's barking; he's barking a lot at the closed chrome door]


[he finally comes into view, carrying a few bottles of fresh cream; he sighs down at the puppy] Honestly, Gawain, what a racket! What could possibly have you in a terrible, tittering, teetering tantru--[he takes hold of the door handle, barely opens the thing--and something blueish, smallish, foul and fuzzy tries to escape, growling lowly, slimy tendrils reaching through the door]

GHH--! [the Hatter drops the bottles, and attempts to close the door on the thing--but it slips out, snarling; Gawain attempts to confront it--but is swept up by the Hatter, who leaps onto the counter]

What in all above and below is that?!

[a good silence...

the thing suddenly skitters past the camera, knocking his communication device on the floor, the view of the Hatter and puppy skewed]


[--picture flickers out]
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Mad as a Hatter

[click--the audio pops to life--the sound of running, splashing water...]

--Odds, ends and bobbins--cogs and pabs--...Hello? I daresay, hello?

[he shifts, turning]

...I know this color and sound. Do I not? Or had my rememory gone slick and falsely once more..?

[a pause--he puts the thing down, and steps away]

I have not, and yet so have laid eyes on such stone and glass--! This aching, pounding timbre--a servant of Time, I--...

Very nervous, I had once been and am.


[ooc: Tarrant's back! With slight, non-lasting amnesia. Srsly, once he sees someone he knows, he'll know you. ♥ See here for your OOC needs. So, he vanished sometime before Oct., and is now just returning in all his habberdashery. Good to be back~]
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Mad as a Hatter

I daresay I had not been--quite expecting such a curse. [some snipping, a ruffle of fabric] It wasn't quite right--nor wrong--nor truly twixt the two at that...I could--would and have wanted to--nor thought to, or rememory unfaulty and unbroken--..even see their faces. Gone now.

[a clatter--he tries to smile through the words]

..From what I can understand, there--are..schools in most worlds as the ones we attended? I cannot say I liked much of them, the more..painful parts--but there were..some...things to be enjoyed, newer friends in particular--

[a lighter tone now] I never attended such proper academy...or improper--or unproper at that. Though simple and gently enjoyed, my humbled education was all I needed then and now--..I think. Had known. Before. [silence stretches for a moment...his tone changes, darker, deeper, with a throaty suspiciously Scottish twinge]

The smoke was gray, not black. It--it wasn't gray, it was orange in the light, might, melancholy, mayhemish misteppings of it.

False and unfair rememory of it all--I had known, did know--and now I, me, I, we--what is the Hatter with me-- Matter with me...

[a pause--a scattered crash, his chair turning over and communicator tumbling to the ground]

Long has paled that sunny sky, Echoes fade and memories die, Autumn frosts have slain July--Still she haunts me, phantomwise--Alice moving under skies, Never seen by waking eyes. Children yet, the tale to hear, Eager eye and willing ear, Lovingly shall nestle near. Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch...
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Mad as a Hatter
All right, so--

Survived. I actually lived through the morning. I’m a little proud of myself. My early classes aren't terrible--in fact, they're not so bad this time around. Optimistic for the afternoon--I even fit in drawing somewhere. It sounds..fun. Still suck at science, though. I'm..way lost. And ill at the prospect of dissection.

Already a whole lot of homework--why do they even do that, it’s the first day--and they give us enough to bury us in paper, trees have feelings too--

Not to mention double assignments of double assignments...I should make a business out of this, I should charge for mental anguish, writer’s block, carpal tunnel, the munchies, my tea leaves-- OW.

[some murmuring in the background that he tries to quell--]

Uh, so--I signed up for that--club thing. Running one, you know--it could be good...uhm--ow, ow--hey--quit it--

[more talking in the background, the second voice distinctly exasperated]

I’m in the MIDDLE of something here. Uh. Either way...I’m trying to find a creative way of ditching gym this year. This could fill the slot--and--well...it’s...it’s gonna be over something I really, really love. You'd be proud, Mr. Cinna. That’s the whole point, right? Or something. Anything, whatever and otherthing--Ow, darn it, OW.

But, uhm...all-in-all, good day so far. Yeah. A really, really good...


Voicemailed Hastily to BuffyCollapse )

E-MAIL to Counselor PillsburyCollapse )

Hey, Eden? I better see you in Algebra tomorrow. I have your homework. Ice cream is good. Can we get some after school. Please. Whipped cream is a must.

So, yay. Hey--did anyone have Economics last period?? I kinda--missed it. What was the homework? Please, please please, someone give me the homework!

[ooc: Strikes filtered to Eden! He's sitting in the nurses' office, sporting some bruises and a little bleeding--but still definitely looking better than he has before. And really chipper. See his blurb here!]
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Mad as a Hatter

I've heard of so much heartbreak today, it certainly makes me quite entirely and utterly disheartened and discouraged. It's rather sad, isn't it, when a romance is torn asunder..?

My heart certainly floats to each an every one of you--most particularly you, Buffy--Of course--speaking of such love--it does belong to someone all it's own.

Thoughtful, considerate, lovely man...

[he thoughtfully--and dreamily--reaches over to touch a plume on a hat out of the picture--a gift from his dearly beloved]

...and very persistent, mind you. Very much indeed!
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Mad as a Hatter

[a distinct thunk as the communicator falls and turns on by accident--Tarrant's distinct orange shoes wander past the camera, muttering lightly--there's another muted thump as he knocks over a few tall reams of cloth]


[he turns--feathers, beads and other such things tumble to the ground and roll past the camera]

Slurkim skirmish--odds, ends, pabs and cogs--Alice! Erm--Buffy--? Have either of you seen my--

[a hiss and a high-toned cry from the Hatter--seems a black cat has wandered by the window; he continues, strained and deeply concerned]

Iih--Have either of you seen my hat?

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Mad as a Hatter

[when the feed opens, the Hatter is staring out the window; he's uncharacteristically still, his face full of bewilderment and unadulterated wonder, his hat laying at his elbow...he turns back towards the device, opening his mouth, attempting to say something, anything...but turns his head back towards the window instead, breathless]


[at last, he stands, walks to the window, and opens it--with a gust, a cloud of white flurries blow inside...he smiles at last--a weak laugh, a giggle at most, escaping him]

I do remember.

[ooc: Headed to class, guys! Be back in a few hours Back!!! ]
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Mad as a Hatter
29 June 2010 @ 12:45 am

[It has been a strange month.

Of course, Tarrant is quite used to strange--and he didn't think it was quite strange himself, more everyday happenstance. This particular kind of strange is nearly too strange for a man who's known strange most of his natural life.

That is quite strange.

And so, on a surprisingly quiet day, the Hatter is headed through the City to check on his shop. Some days ago, he had removed and sold the salon chairs, unneeded equipment and advertisements of it's previous occupation. He has been working around the clock out of his and Alice's apartment, building a roster of clientele as well as merchandise. With hope--and a bit of madness--he may be able to open sooner than he expected. He glances about the tall, steely structures, his coat a mellowing burgundy. If there's anything he can say about the City, it's its endless source of inspiration. The architecture alone fills him hundreds upon hundreds of designs--gown to suit to hat. And with that, hopefully, will come more business. And more business means his shop. And his shop means a home, just above it, with more space for Alice.

And so, the Hatter stands, hands folded, smiling up at his soon-to-be-shop, visions of ribbons and felt dancing through his head.

He stands. And he smiles. ]
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Mad as a Hatter
09 June 2010 @ 08:33 am

[picture flickers--the Hatter sits at a table, staring at his moving hands, a number of pins in his teeth; some newly acquired fabric, thread, odds and ends lay by his elbows, a cheap, half-broken form behind him with a rich, finely made, fully pieced suit upon it]

It is a wonder, a puzzlement, how one can sleep in such a City--let alone survive from day to day. The moment I begin to understand the worrisome workings of this place, something -else- happens--but, as it is--that -is- the understanding of an understandment that I am meant to understand. [takes a pin from his mouth to use it]

Mr. Chant, I apologize--I have never delivered such an order this far after it has been commissioned, but--well...seeing as it was hazardous to venture into the streets for some nights. You will have it by this afternoon. 

Alice--my other Alice, not my Alice--your order is also ready.

--Which reminds me!

Though I had barely known him for a few days, it seems the absent Thomas Raith has left me a rather generous space for my up and coming shop. Kindly coiffer.  [quietly, somber] I imagine we could have been quite the friends...

There is much work to be done with it. [brighter again, gesturing] In the meantime, I am offering my services as a Hatter and Tailor as a private practice.

My work is of the finest quality--coin guaranteed. [he lifts the hat he's been working on, smiling] Made to exact specifications.

I am utterly, entirely and unquestionably at your service.

As for this---assignment of ours...[lays the hat down, and goes to cut a length of blue ribbon; below the video, there is an addendum of text]

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